About Us

We believe that mental health has reached epidemic status globally, and that people deserve more support no matter what their circumstances.

We are a work-in-progress non-profit startup where we aim to do the most good through following Effective Altruism principles to try and deliver evidence-based mental health interventions at scale digitally. We would later like to scale to non-digital solutions as well to cater to nearly half of the world population without internet access. Current solutions in the digital mental health space do not cater to complex, difficult-to-treat disorders.

Considering Logarithmic scales of pleasure and pain, we think that such disorders cause much more suffering and pain, and thus warrant our attention and efforts. While we would likely start with something less ambitious, our aim is to develop a solution which caters to everyone in need of help, support, and care; while adopting a user-centered agile development approach.


Proposed approach

A hierarchical platform which allows users to access different levels of help based on their need

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has proven to be an effective method to reduce symptoms of various mental and physical health issues. Guided CBT has the additional advantage to increase retention rate throughout the programs.

Community and integration are other significant predictors of well-being, and the lack of these can lead to significant misery. We aim to integrate these in a single platform, where people can seek help comfortably, without having to worry about their finances or communal stigma, and while building a community and support system throughout this.


Who are we

A diverse team of people from various backgrounds interested in contributing positively to the world.

  • Salman Maqbool
  • Zi Qi Kok
  • Hamid Gilani
Together we have a background in computer science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, medicine, neuroscience, neurology, cognitive science, development economics, behavioral economics.

We are curious people who want to understand ourselves and the world around us, and helping out those not as priveleged as we have been.